Miss Roobot
Miss Robot is a teacher in Ride School. She is a robot built after Mrs. Hand finds out she has too many

students in her class. Usually, Miss Robot is destroyed by multiple things, like water. One time, she had to sub for Mrs. AMP, but ended up tripping over a tripwire, landing on a spring, then being hit by blue kirby swinging a wrecking ball, and landed when Jumping Assbot jumped on her, and she was launched into a cannon, and blasted into the world trade center.

When not being destroyed, she is being hacked. When hacked, Miss Robot usually does things she shouldn't be doing, like ditching class. (Yes, you heard me right, the TEACHER is ditching class) There is a website (not a real one) called People type commands in the type bar and press enter. When that command is the top one in the line that has not been done by Miss Robot, Miss Robot will do it. Often, the hacking leads to Miss Robot being destroyed.


Poyo Ride was thinking of the last two teachers to make. During that time, he was going to ask his friend, Carter, if he would rather have teachers be people or robots. (Poyo would rather have robots, since he can just dial up Ra Moon to make an EMP wave.) When he was asking it, he got the idea for Miss Robot.