Poyo Ride is the creator of The Granny Torrelli Series. This was actually his first series he made, even

Poyo Ride

before Dyna Blade got a facebook profile.

Making GT Edit

He made it along with a friend when their class was reading a book called Granny Torrelli makes soup. They made any character who was from a book their class read into GT, such as Homer, The BFG, and Lawn Boy. (Somehow, Brian from hachet was not really rembemered by the two) The two weren't in the same class the next year, so they couldn't work on it often, so Poyo decided he would continue it himself, still letting his friend help with it whenever they meet, which wasn't very often. GT was not a private thing between the two, because Poyo decided to make it a series that would share a wiki with The Air Ride Series. (Then the franchises all got seprate wikis) In the current year Poyo Ride is in, Poyo and his friend have Gym together, so when they can, they do work a bit on GT. Just kidding, we rarely worked on it.