Poyo Rides Friend is one of the two founders of the Granny Torrelli series.

About Edit

A long time ago, Poyo's class was reading a book called Granny Torrelli Makes Soup. They both decided to make a series revolving around a book, later known as The Granny Torrelli Series. It involved the evil Grandmother, Granny Torrelli. It had characters from the book, as well as from other books that the class would read after GT, as well as The BFG, read before GT. It became a popular thing in the class. In the next grade, Poyo and his friend were not in any classes together. While it seemed his friend wasn't working on it, late in the year, the first GT comic was made and put online, by Poyo Ride. In the next grade, Poyo and his friend had Gym together. However, their friendship was not as strong as before. They would usually argue about if K. Rool (and anybody else) deserved a spot in smash, and other things. They didn't talk about GT as much.

Trivia Edit

He is not the same friend as the one who worked on Comic 8, as well as a bunch of other TARS comics with Poyo.

Since it was a long time ago, neither of the two GT founders remember who made which character. Poyo Ride says that he will say his friend made every character.