Rosie is a young girl and a main character in The Granny Torrelli Series.


Rosie does not like her Grannys violent habits. When Granny does something bad, Rosie will always say "NO GRANNY" and her eyes and mouth grow huge. She never succeds anytime.

Trivia Edit

Rosies birthday is September 12th, which is one day after 9-11.

Rosies face became infamous by Poyo Rides Friends.

  • One of Poyo's friends, who made nintendo school comics, actually used Rosies face for when the teacher of his series got angry, but with evil eyebrows.
  • Another one, Minecraftgeek37, scribbled on the faces of people to make them have Rosies face.

Rosie is named after the "main" character in GT makes Soup, a book by Sharon Creech.